The McDonald Family Newsletter May 2022

The McDonald Family Newsletter May 2022

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in Scotland happens in March. We try to organise something for them and present our mothers with a small gift and recognition for all they do for us. As we still had some restrictions in the building because of Covid, they had more time in the afternoon with their own families.

Ladies’ Appreciation Day

Every year we like to spoil our ladies with a special day just for them. Not all the ladies chose to attend as some still have anxiety about Covid, especially with the spike in cases at the time. Nevertheless, we still organised it and those who could attend had a great day.

In the morning, the ladies were treated to a special exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow. They were back at the building for lunch. After that was a craft session with Stuart’s sister, Susan, who has a special talent with glass painting and jewellery making. The ladies enjoyed painting and creating as well as the fellowship of being together. In the evening, we took them out for an evening meal that meant more fun and laughs.

Last year, we had our Ladies’ Appreciation Day on Zoom with quilt making. A special shout-out goes to Katherine Hopkins and Terri Durden at the Fayetteville congregation in Georgia. They had organised the online tutorials and then with help from other ladies at Fayetteville completed the quilt.

The role of the women in the church’s life can never be overstated. It is an honour to serve alongside them and to give them this special day by way of thanks.

Personal Studies

Please keep these in your prayers.

Stuart: Stuart and I continue our weekly Bible study in John’s gospel.

Steven: Steven Rennie and I still have a weekly Bible study. As a farmer, Steven sometimes cancels the studies because of work.

Tom: Adam continues to meet with Tom as and when they can.

Douglas: Douglas has been in touch and we’ve started meeting again to discuss the Bible. He is approaching the end of his master’s program at Oxford. It’s challenging trying to get together because of study commitments.

We keep talking to folk and building relationships with others trying to get a conversation about Jesus started. Please keep us in your prayers.


Prayer Requests

Janet McCulloch: Janet is doing well with her treatment and is at worship every week. She has regular consultancies with her doctors about her leukaemia and they are pleased with her progress. In April, she became a grandmother again when her son’s twin daughters were born.

Paulina Blackman: Paulina awaits more tests for her neurological problem.

Ian Barr: Ian has developed an allergic reaction to his knee replacement which will need further treatment.

Sophie Knott: Sophie Knott has left the church. She has had faith struggles in the past and has decided to leave the church. She was under pressure from family and friends to leave.

Lost: We ask for special prayers for Lauren Sinclair, Laura Griffin, Leah Manson, Amy Fenton, Steven Barr, Louis Dwomoh, and our son, Joshua, and daughters, Megan and Bethany. All have left the Lord over the past few years, several during the Covid crisis. Beth and I pray earnestly for our children that they come back to the Lord.

Many others need prayers.


It has been a busy spring. Beth’s health continues to be problematic for her with chronic pain in her back and feet as well as regular migraines.

There were a number of family challenges too in the spring. Elijah moved home briefly before leaving again. Things are better for him and he will be at worship tomorrow. He also got a new, better paid job. Megan left her final year of university before it ended. She was in her honours program but still has her B.A. She has decided to stay in Edinburgh and has a job in retail. Bethany and her boyfriend broke up. It turns out he had been lying to her for four years. She moved home for a wee while but is back at her apartment and doing well. Joshua has moved to Dunfermline where he works in a builders’ yard. He had an accident where he severed the tip of his finger but he’s fine. I think he’s a lizard that can grow things back that get severed.

I am doing well. My oncologist is getting bored with me and has said that if all goes well this year, he will discharge me from his care in 2023. That’s good news. Another semester of HCU is behind me too. Math remains my kryptonite.

Thank you again for your love and support.

We love you. Keep the faith.

In Christ’s love,

Graham & Beth


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