Making Our Compassion Cards WORK

Making Our Compassion Cards WORK

As a congregation, we’ve been writing and sending “compassion cards” to various neighbors, friends, and even some family members, for about three months now. As far as I know, we’ve received only positive feedback from those who have received them, and no one has complained about receiving them. Compassion cards “raise our profile” in the community (that is, they cause the recipients to “notice” the church in a positive way – and this is a good thing!). Compassion cards are only one part – and a relatively easy part – of our congregational outreach program.

The WHOLE POINT of sending compassion cards is to open doors of opportunity with those to whom we send them, so that we can follow up by introducing those individuals to Jesus – and that part of the process depends on those who submit the names for the cards! If you’ve submitted a name for our compassion card program, you are our most effective “point of contact” with that person! This does not mean that YOU necessarily have to be the person to ask for and conduct a bible study, but it does mean that YOU are the person who could most easily introduce a brother or sister who IS comfortable “following up” with a prospect. Will you DO that for us?

It’s vitally important for us to take the next steps in our outreach program, by actually “reaching out” with the offer of a bible study to those we’ve contacted. During November and December, many of our Sunday morning sermons actually walked through the Back to the Bible study series, so if you were present, you’re already familiar with the lessons! Believe it or not, for most of us, the “hard” part of a personal bible study with someone is asking for the study (NOT actually walking through it with that person): If you’ll ask, God will open doors! (And if you want help teaching a bible study, just ask!) Let’s make our compassion card program do the work it is intended to do by following up with the folks who receive the cards!


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