Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19

NEW: Online giving is now available.

March 24, 2020 Update

As you’ve probably heard, yesterday Governor Brian Kemp issued an order restricting public gatherings in Georgia to 10 or fewer people, unless “social-distancing” of at least 6’ can be maintained. This directive DOES apply to churches, and while it might be possible for us to accomplish this in our big auditorium, our elders believe it will be safer for all of us to worship in our homes at this time. Therefore…


We DO plan to live-stream our sermon on our website during that time, but only a couple of us will be present, to lead the service and to operate the video camera and computer so the service can be online. We want to encourage everyone to participate “digitally” this coming Sunday, and for as long as the governor’s order remains in effect.

If you need communion supplies, there are several options available:

  1. 1. There is a recipe for communion bread on our website, at www.fcoc.com/ministries/women It’s really easy to make your own, and grape juice is readily available in most grocery stores.
  2. Many grocery stores also carry “matzoh” bread, which is perfectly suitable for communion use. (It’s the square “cracker”-like unleavened bread that many congregations use every week.)
  3. Beginning on Thursday, we will also have small bottles of grape juice, communion cups, and bags of unleavened bread available at the church building, on a table outside the church office.
  4. (BTW, “unsalted saltines” are NOT appropriate for communion use — the ingredients  clearly state that they DO contain leavening.)

As we did last week, we plan to “Zoom” our Wednesday evening adult and teen bible classes, and we WILL archive them to our website this week. The adult class will begin at 7:00 PM (click the “Wednesday Live” link on our website to connect to it), and the teen class will begin at 8:00 PM (contact David Gulledge for details of how to connect to it). We will also “Zoom” the Sunday 5:00 PM service, just as we did last week (use the “Wednesday Live” link for this service, too). Click/tap here to find these links.

ALSO, several folks have asked about the new “Online Giving” button on our church website: This is NOT an effort to raise funds “outside” of our regular Lord’s day offering, but simply a convenience for our members who pay their bills online and don’t use checks or carry cash. The name of the company that provides the service is Tithe.ly, but that’s just their name – nothing more. If you would like to try it, just click the link and follow the instructions.

Please check the church webpage and FB page regularly in the coming days; we hope to have several of our children’s bible classes available online in the next week or so, along with worksheets and handwork the parents can download and print for them. Be sure to tell your neighbors, friends, and brethren whose congregations DON’T have online capabilities that they can worship “with” you at www.fcoc.com !

God bless all of you!

Dave Rogers

Updated March 17, 2020

From our elders:  Because Governor Kemp and our health authorities have recommended that Georgians try to avoid gatherings of 10 or more people as a precaution against spreading the coronavirus, we have elected to discontinue our Sunday morning bible classes as well as our Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening classes through the end of March.  There will also be no Sunday evening worship service during this time.

We WILL continue to gather for worship on Sunday mornings at 10 AM, but — as we have announced before — those who are sick in any way, and those who are at elevated risk for infection are urged to stream our services online rather than attend in person.

Wednesday Live

For Wednesday nights, we are going to try streaming our adult bible class using the “Zoom” video-conferencing site:

Click/tap to join.

This is different from the normal live stream and may require you to download a small “app” to your computer or device for it to work (it should be a painless, automatic process, and should take less than a minute).  Click the new “Wednesday Live” link on this page or on the church FaceBook page, and it should take you there.

Please be sure to keep in touch with one another during this time, and communicate any special needs among the congregation to the elders through the church office.