THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST —Video Bible Lessons

From this page, you may view streaming video of all of our programs. As you will see when you click on one of the links below, we offer both dial-up and broadband versions of each of our programs. These videos are valuable teaching tools, and also are useful for personal Bible study.
                               Evangelism Videos
This series of lessons examines such issues as the destructive nature of sin, the authority and application of the Bible, the fact that salvation comes only through Jesus Christ, specific examples from the New Testament of what people did to be saved from their sins, the nature of the church that Jesus built, how to correctly worship God, answers to objections about baptism for the remission of sins, and how to be faithful "even unto death."
                                                          Fundamentals of the Faith Videos
This series of lessons examines a number of fundamental issues that are foundational bulwarks of the Christian Faith, including the existence of God, the deity of Jesus Christ, the inspiration of the Bible, the validity of the Genesis account of creation, the singularity and uniqueness of Christ's church, God's plan for man's salvation, etc.
The lessons in this series were specifically designed to help people learn from both the Old and New Testaments a number of critically important points about Jesus Christ, and include such topics as Jesus in the Old Testament, what Jesus was really like, Jesus' statements from the cross during His crucifixion, the convictions of Christ, Jesus as a Friend of sinners, the mind of Christ, the narrow-minded nature of Jesus' teachings, and Jesus in the Book of Revelation.
This series of lessons examines such issues as how to live a blessed life, the excuses that people frequently offer for not serving God faithfully, how to rekindle a passion for Christ, the power of persistent prayer, "comfort from above," the greatest things in life, rewards for faithful service to God, and how to endure evil, pain, and suffering.
We offer video lessons on all 27 books of the New Testament, as follows:
Matthew - John (the life of Christ as presented in the four gospels)
Acts-Romans (the beginning of the church, how to become a Christian, and the Gospel as God's saving power)
1 & 2 Corinthians (problems in the early church and how to give yourself to the Lord)
Galatians - Colossians (no other Gospel, the church of the Christ, living worthy of the Gospel, and the Christ of the church)
1 Thessalonians - Philemon (a study of final things, proper church conduct, remaining strong in God's grace, living up to your faith)
Hebrews - James (the superiority of Christ and Christianity, true wisdom)
1 Peter - Revelation (true grace, true knowledge, true fellowship, true teaching, true examples, true defense, true victory)
We currently offer video lessons on five books of the Old Testament (the Pentateuch: Genesis - Deuteronomy).
This series of lessons examines such issues as how to overcome a sinful past, the importance of coming out of denominationalism, the urgency of standing in the truth, the eternal love of God, the salvation of the thief on the cross, the differences between the church of Christ and other religious groups, and what a person must do to be saved.
This series of lessons examines various topics such as the Day of Judgment, the nature of God, the nature of the church, the plan of salvation, the reality of Jesus, and sin.
This series of lessons examines matters such as the truth about abortion, alcohol, divorce, hell, homosexuality, marriage, the nature of truth, and the use of tobacco.
This series of lessons examines issues related to corporate worship of the church, including the definition of worship, giving, innovations in worship, prayer, preaching, singing, and the Lord's Supper.