Fayetteville church of Christ 2016 Goals

The mission of the church is evangelism (Mk. 16:15-16), edification (1 Cor. 14:4), and benevolence (Js. 1:27). The Fayetteville church of Christ family is challenged to fulfill this mission. The following goals will help us to grow as a congregation and to grow as individual Christians. Our deacons and leaders will provide supporting goals so we can all work together in serving the Lord in our community. We are truly a blessed people. The elders solicit your support as we reach out to each other and to our community with the Gospel. "The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few." (Matt. 9:37)


  1. Provide a Positive Worship Environment (by planning and organizing) I Cor. 14:40
  2. Provide a Good Balance of Biblical Topics/Doctrine (from the pulpit) Acts 20:20
  3. Provide a Balanced Education Foundation (for spiritual growth) II Pet. 1:5-11
  4. Increase Sunday Bible Class Attendance II Tim. 2:15
  5. Increase Wednesday Bible Class Attendance Jude 20-21
  6. Increase Deacon and Leaders/Coordinators Attendance and Participation
  7. Encourage and train more men to become deacons and elders II Tim. 2:2

LOVE OTHERS John 13:34

  1. Increase Sunday AM Worship Attendance Heb. 10:24-25
  2. Increase Sunday PM Worship Attendance (make so people want to come) Heb. 10:23
  3. Increase participation in Youth and Adult Programs Col. 3:1-2
  4. Increase Fellowship (inside and outside the building) Acts 2:46
  5. Develop a Way to Call Leaders to Action (ladies' and men's retreats etc.) I Cor. 16:13-14
  6. Provide Better Communication (through meetings and announcements)

SERVE OTHERS Galatians 5:13

  1. Provide Positive Environment for Visitors (support Open Arms Program)
  2. Increase Visitation Participation/Support and in home visits (visitors and members)
  3. Provide Fellowship Opportunities (to bring visitors)
  4. Increase Congregation Involvement (in serving the needy) I Pet.1:22
  5. Provide for Meals and Other Needs (to those who are suffering) Js. 1:27
  6. Support our Service Activities (by identifying opportunities and ways to carry them out)

MAKE DISCIPLES Matthew 28:19-20

  1. Classes for the New in the Faith
  2. Increase Attendance at VBS/Camp by 20%
  3. Follow-up with Visitors to VBS/Meetings by contacting each family
  4. Increase participation in Community Outreach (evangelism effort)
  5. Set up Mentoring Program for Visitors
  6. Conduct Personal Bible Studies